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What is Upsilon?

The Journey of Upsilon

Back in time when Mr. Neeraj and Mr. Vatsal were residing abroad, taking their flourishing careers forward, they used to frequently send gifts to Mr. Ravi as a token of love. The gifts were majorly high-end perfumes. What Mr. Ravi always wondered was the availability and pricing of these luxury perfumes in India. After researching, he realised that 50% of products were not available here, and the remaining ones were extremely expensive. 

Soon he started exploring different possibilities of curating a premium perfume in India, keeping in mind its economical value. Upon the discussion of the idea with Mr. Vatsal and Mr. Neeraj, these three masterminds started researching about the market in depth. After 2 months of rigorous research, they agreed upon the idea. 

In 2019, both Mr. Neeraj and Mr. Vatsal came to India to take this idea forward. For the next one year, the three friends entered the market and understood the very minute process of perfumery. They weighed the pros and cons, conducted surveys of approximately 150-200 individuals, considered people’s personal opinions, bought perfumes from luxury brands to get a first hand experience of the quality, and recognized the different situations that demand the usage of perfumes.

The whole process of research led to a clear vision of creating fragrances that would go well with different occasions. During the developing stage, 15-20 fragrances were manufactured. After careful consideration, a survey of 300 people, and tons of brainstorming sessions, 3 fragrances were picked out. 

A vision to create a unique line of fragrances clubbed with a passion for perfumery, together led to the creation of Upsilon. With a mission to create an enabler that helps you to own your story and be confident, we curated a range of lifestyle perfumes that allows you to express yourself and own up to your story.

Our Team

Vatsal Vachhani

Co-Founder and Director

Ravi Dadhaniya

Co-Founder and Director

Neeraj Bhensdadia

Co-Founder and Director

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